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Discussion in 'Portugal' started by Oliver Smith, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Oliver Smith

    Oliver Smith New Member

    I have a question, I will be going to Portugal in 2 weeks: Coimbra. I will rent a car so I will have the ability to travel around. My question is: What are absolute must do´s in Portugal? Please do not restrict your answer to distances.

    Thank you,

    Oliver Smith.
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    hi Oliver,

    Two of the things I enjoyed doing in Portugal were visiting the castles and ruins such as the Conimbriga Ruins in the city of Coimbra. If you're planning to go there, the ruins are found on a road that leads from Coimbra to Tomar.

    If you want more ideas on things to do go here:
  3. Oliver Smith

    Oliver Smith New Member

    Thank you for your suggestions Travadvice360, I googled those castles and ruins and they definitely look like they are worth a visit. I also heard about a student festival in june in Coimbra? Any what it is called so I can look it up?

  4. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Hi Oli, you're referring to the Coimbra's Queima das Fitas or Burning of the Ribbons which is organized by the student union at the University if Coimbra. The event takes place in May, around the second semester.
  5. Oliver Smith

    Oliver Smith New Member

    Awww, so I missed it..Sorry for the many questions, but anything in Porto besides the typical tourist atractions?
  6. melloassociates

    melloassociates New Member

    University coimbra, old university and biblioteque joanina, from the time the portuguese bring the gold from brazil, beautiful... Take a look.
  7. laurabosley88

    laurabosley88 New Member

    If you have a car and distance is no object then head to the capital - Lisbon! It's such a beautiful city and is undoubtably one of the best place to visit in Portugal! Whilst there is obviously lots of general tourist things to see, there is also so much more to explore in the city and its a great place to just wander around!

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