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Discussion in 'Laos' started by Angelas, Feb 18, 2013.

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    if you guys are looking to visit Laos in the no so distant feature, you will want to do it in April. Boun Pimai is one of the most important annual festivals in Laos as it celebrates Lao New Year, which is in mid-April (13-15), but it's one of the funnest festivals in Laos because you get to throw buckets of water at complete strangers...
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    this festival sounds like the Songkran water festival which happens on April 15th. People splash water on Buddhist monks during this festival. Also, during the Songkran festival Laos women in acient costume parade themselves pass Wat Xieng's very beautiful to see this.
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    Laos top festivals

    I visited Laos during the Songkran and while it was quite beautiful I wished I checked the dates before traveling. My suggestion if you are planning to travel to Laos is to be aware that towns you may be expecting to be peaceful, will be a lot noisier and more crowded during any festival. The Lao New Year is in mid-April, the Boat Race Festival in Vientiane is in October, and the Wat Phou festival in Champassak is in February.
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    The Boun Bang Fai or Rocket Festival taking place in May will be a blast. Teams compete on fest day by making, decorating and launching their own bamboo rockets from a communal launch area. If traveling in the Vientiana Province during May, definitely keep your head down and be aware of flying rockets.
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    Laos is very famous for festivals and celebrations and the Lao New Year festival which takes place in mid April is very popular. This water festival is the biggest festival of the country. You get wet wherever you go during this time.

    Boat Racing Festival is also celebrated all around Laos during the weekends of September & October months with drinking, eating and dancing in the whole night.

    I have been to Vientiane once during the Rocket Festival. It held at the Summer season, that is end of April to mid May. It's really exciting & colorful festival.The people of Vientiane send rockets up to the sky gods and believe that the gods will send rain to their place.

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