FYI---Passport fees are about to increase..get/renew yours now to save $$$

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    I just wanted to remind everyone to be sure and apply for a passport if you currently don’t have one; renew an expired passport; add new pages to a filled book or make any other changes before July 13th when all related passport services increase significantly. You may download applicable forms at :

    State Department To Hike Passport, Visa Fees

    JUNE 29, 2010 -- The U.S. State Department on July 13 will raise the price for visas, passports and other consular services—some by more than $300—to reflect what the department determined is the true cost to provide such services.

    For an adult passport, the State Department will begin charging $110—$35 more than the current price—plus a $25 execution fee, which is not retained by the department. Meanwhile, the cost for some visas will jump by even greater amount. For example, an employment-based immigrant visa will cost $720 under the new pricing scheme, compared with the previous $355.

    The department's Bureau of Consular Affairs in June 2009 completed a study to assess the full cost to the government to process and issue visas and passports, calling it "the most detailed and exhaustive ever conducted by the Department of State." Following that study, the department "established the true cost of providing these consular services, which by law must be recovered through collection of fees," the State Department said this week.

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