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Discussion in 'Montana' started by Witchid4, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Witchid4

    Witchid4 New Member

    hi guys,

    I am looking for flights to Montana and I was wondering what other major airports there are here..I'll be flying into Montana in late March and I appreciate any input regarding this! thank you
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    hi there,

    There is more than one major airport in Montana and if you are looking to flying into Montana, you can fly to Billings, Bozeman, Butte, or a handful of other places, without having to use ground transportation.

    If cheap Montana flights are what you're after, comparing the prices for flights that arrive at different airports can be a good way to find the best rates.

    I would say that most people who fly to Montana arrive first at the Billings Logan International Airport, although some of the smaller Montana airports handle direct flights from some U.S. cities.

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