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Discussion in 'Las Vegas Gaming' started by dave mikolajczy, May 7, 2007.

  1. dave mikolajczy

    dave mikolajczy New Member

    were is the most recommended places to play Keno and blackjack?

    where can I pickup and discount meals and gambling coupons?
  2. JPerez

    JPerez New Member

    Can I place a sports bet on-line?
  3. bikinimobility

    bikinimobility New Member

    I saw a TV show where all you have to do is stay up in a hotel to get coupons. In the morning, either you'll get coupons in the room or you can ask what kind of promotions are on at the casino's information station.
  4. casinoplayer

    casinoplayer New Member

    What is the name of that show and will they deliver coupons in any Las Vegas hotel?

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