Gay club opening at the Cromwell?

Discussion in 'Las Vegas Nightlife and Afterhours' started by demolicion, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. demolicion

    demolicion New Member

    The Cromwell has barely opened, yet it looks as if gay club will housed at the hotel. I heard the guy behind this venture (Victor Drai) wants to opened his gay nightclub in the Bally's space where he is currently hosting his pre-sunrise parties. For what I hear, he is gonna rename his Drai's Afterhours space - Liaison.
  2. ThisWorld2010

    ThisWorld2010 New Member

    Names are everything to a brand...i remember the days when this place was called the Barbary coast, which was a weird name even back then. Still, the name Cromwell, i wonder why they went for that name and did they name it after Oliver Cromwell..i wonder
  3. deldeN

    deldeN New Member

    Isn't Victor Drai gay himself? Anyways, it makes business sense to open a gay club at the moment since there are only a handful of gay-friendly places like Planet Hollywood and Caesars Palace. The LGBT community is huge in Vegas so it will do well.
  4. Knight1988

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    Up this thread...
    I think Victor Drai made a good business on this club. Anyone who has been there? How was it?

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