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  1. 6centers

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    If you want to catch live concerts all year around and cool views of downtown Austin check out Geraldine’s when you are next in Austin. This place is stunning fourth-floor bar and restaurant located inside the new Hotel Van Zandt.
  2. wanderer

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    What a great combination! There's so much going on in Austin (especially now during South by Southwest). Do you know what kind of music they have at Geraldine's? Is it country...rock? Whoever they bring in? Do you have to buy a ticket to see the shows or it it part of the dining experience?
  3. 6centers

    6centers New Member

    Monday through Wednesday is usually chill out music with song writers. Thursdays through Saturday feature full band artists of all genres and Sundays is mostly jazz type gigs.
  4. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Cool! Thanks for the update. Are you enjoying SXSW now or wishing all the hipsters would go away? ;)
  5. BilleiJean

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    I remember the good old days of SXSW when at one time it was about music, film, and new technology. Now the tech portion of SXSW is almost fact, SXSW hasn’t been about tech since three years ago.

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