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    Nuremberg is the biggest and most popular Christmas market in Germany. However, if you are looking to enjoy Germany's Christmas markets, it's best to avoid Germany's Christmas markets markets in Nuremberg, Stuttgart or Cologne and visit the smaller towns that are away from the tourist crowds. Smaller towns such as Erfurt, Bamberg and Rudesheim are more picturesque and traditional because they weren't bombed in WWII.
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    Cologne has one of the largest christmas markets in Germany with around 160 stalls.My favorite German Christmas market is the one in Dresden because of the Stollen Festival celebration held on the second Saturday in Advent. They roll out a giant stollen cake through the streets of Dresden for everyone to eat.
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    Be aware that almost all German Christmas markets close Dec 22-24. also, only the larger German Christmas markets open every day. The smaller ones only open during weekends. I think Frankfurt is a good hub for visiting Christmas markets.
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    Nürnbergs Christmas market is supposed to be one of the most beautiful ones. but i prefer smaller ones without that many tourists :)
    once I was in small village where a christmas market was and it was so beautiful. snow, gluehwein etc.
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    I am originally from Germany. Definitely check out some of the smaller towns if you get a chance. I went to a christmas market on a small island (Fraueninsel) at the Chiemsee (Chimsee lake). You will have to take a boat over there which is fun. It can get quite busy on the weekends. So if you can go during the week I'd recommend this instead.

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