Get naked for your country

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    Are you ready to get naked for your country?

    This is no joke. The government needs to look under your clothes. Ceramic knives, plastic guns, and liquid explosives have made metal detectors obsolete. Carry-on bags are X-rayed, so the safest place to hide a weapon is on your body. Puffer machines can detect explosives on you, but only if you're sloppy. Backscatters are different. They can scan your whole surface, locating and identifying anything of unusual density—not just metals, which have high atomic numbers, but drugs and explosives, which have low ones.

    Last week, TSA began using backscatters at airports to screen passengers for weapons. The first machine is up and running in Phoenix. The next ones will be in New York and Los Angeles. The machines have been modified with a "privacy algorithm" to clean up what they show. But even the tempered images tell you more than you need to know about the endowments of the people seated next to you.

    Read the full story at Slate: Invasion of the naked body scanners. - By William Saletan - Slate Magazine
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    this has been become the case nowadays

    They should warn people before how much they can wear...
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    Maybe it'll cause an increase in exercise in this country!

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    This is too funny. If I were a larger person I would be slightly embarrassed.

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