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    Tallinn has a beautiful Old Town with 15th century architecture, twisty cobblestone streets, and many historic attractions. I suggest getting the 72-hr Tallinn Card at the airport for 40 Euros as you'll be able to use it to get into town. Thus saving you the 10 euro taxi ride from the airport. Another reason why getting the Tallinn Card is a good idea is because it includes the Tallinn Official Sightseeing Tour which stops are all the major sights in Tallinn.
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    Tallinn Card free Sightseeing tours

    I too got the Tallinn card when i was there mainly because of the free excursion included. You can choose from the official sightseeing tour, regular city tour and open top tour, which i think is the best because you get great views of Tallinn and the best photo opportunities. Then again, the official tour includes both a bus tour and walking tour which is probably best overall.
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    Tallinn Card prices

    The Tallinn Card is available for 24, 48 and 72 hours, and cost 24, 32, 40 euros respectively. Remember though that the card is valid for only one admission to each attraction so you can't keep reusing it. If I remember well, you get entry to about a dozen of attractions, museums, etc. It's worth getting it even if you are there for 1 day!

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