Getting a tour when in mongolia

Discussion in 'Mongolia' started by dlatonJr, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. dlatonJr

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    A lot of people seem to book tours ahead of time but i suggest sorting tours when you're there since you normally need only 2 days to organize everything with most tour operators like Tseren Tours, who charge $130 per day for 2 persons in a jeep with guide and driver all in.
  2. mr.queragui

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    Couldn't agree more! I'd to skip booking online and paying over the odds when you can easily and cheaply hire a local guide there (most of them speak english) for around $30 a day. Another plus is that you'll be supporting the locals.

  3. fly23

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    when traveling to mongolia, I suggest that you explore on your own part of the time your're going to be there, and the other time to go with a tour operator like Hovsgol Travel or Mongol Global. Nadaam, the Gobi, Hovsgol, and Terelj are all beautiful and a must when in mongolia. Ulaan Bataar, the capital, is easy to get around by the way.

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