Getting around by bus in France

Discussion in 'France' started by Rigged3000, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. Rigged3000

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    To give you an idea of how the bus system works in France. Basically each department and town in France has their own regional bus service but they all linkup with each other. Bus fares in France are inexpensive, and buses typically run from 5AM to 9PM. There are also night bus services but this is mostly only in large towns. Bus tickets and passes can be bought on the bus.
  2. Kidtonto

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    Each department has their own buses but France has no national bus network so you won't be able to travel on a French bus between regions of France. I wouldn't bother taking regional buses You are definitely better off renting a car and exploring with your own set of wheels.
  3. retroutbambow

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    The reason for the lack of intercity buses in France is because train services in France are very good, fast, and inexpensive. Rental is okay but knowing how the french drive, I'd rather take my chances on the train.


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