Getting around in Cotonou

Discussion in 'Benin' started by RedBullCorp, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. RedBullCorp

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    I’m happy to share some information on getting around in Cotonou. Hope it is helpful for some people:
    The best way and only practical way to get around in Cotonou is on the bike taxis (called zemidjan), though there are also buses for getting around long distance. The best bus company there is ATT which is based at Etoile Rouge.
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    The word zemidjan in the local language means "take me". Motorcycles is hoe most people get around...just do a little hand sign or the whistle sign (even if you can't whistle) and they'll come right to you. Negotiate the price before you set off...dont pay more than $1 (roughly 300 CFA Franc BEAC) for getting around in town.

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