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    Bus is the best way to get around in Quito. There are three main bus terminals in Quito and the main one is in La Marin (in the Center). There are a lot of taxis in Quito or a handful of car rental companies, though I wouldn't really advise driving around Quito as it's kinda easy getting lost because of the layout the streets.
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    Quito taxis

    Second to the bus, I would go with taxis. Taxis in Quito are inexpensive. If I remember well, the minimum fare is 80 cents during the day and $1 at night. To give you an idea of pricing, you shouldn't pay more than $4 from the Airport to the Mariscal Sucre district. It is customary to bargain so don't be shy.
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    From the old airport in Quito to Centro Histórico taxis you should not pay more than $10. It takes about 50 minutes to get there which is long considering you just arrived. Best to go with a comfy shuttle bus. By the way, local buses in Quito are blue, and you see them everywhere. They don’t have a bus number, but their destination is written on a placard displayed in the front window.

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