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Discussion in 'Portugal' started by walkmanX, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. walkmanX

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    I know car hire can be great but I find that getting around in Lisbon is better and cheaper on public transportation. I did this when traveling to Sintra and Cascais. The latter can be reached by train in under 35 minutes (Buy a Viva Viagem card to save money); while Sintra is easily to get to by bus and worth it because of all the palaces and the Moorish castle.
  2. precised5

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    Definitely don't bother driving in Lisbon because you'll be stuck in traffic and parking is very scarce too. I remember it being so stressful to drive around and car-park rates are expensive (like €11 per day), though on weekends parking is free.
  3. popthetrse

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    Agreed! You wont need a rental car to get around Lisbon, though one will come handy for heading out to the coast. Even when do decide to drive there, be aware that they drive on the right side. If you've never driven on the right side before, you will find it tricky.
  4. Benston

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    I plan to visit Lisabon soon, and I'm interested in tips and recommendations about accommodation, transport and attractions that are worth visiting. Are the prices high or normal?
  5. portarl

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    how expensive depends on what's expensive for you, but Lisbon and Portugal as a whole is alot cheaper than the UK. The food in Lisbon is amazing and cheap if you avoid the touristy areas. there’s a lot of winding alleys in Lisbon stuffed full of great eateries, so wander a little off-track.

  6. Benston

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    Thank you for your advice, I will avoid a touristic areas for food..What attractions do you recommend to visit?
  7. portarl

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    Depending on how many days, I recommend visiting Bairro Alto, Chiado, Castle, Baixa areaa, Liberdade, and Belem. The latter has may attractions of its own like coach museum, Jeronimos monastery, the Pasteis de Belem, the Torre de Belem, and many more. I'd recommend a minimum of 3 days to see it all.
  8. Benston

    Benston New Member

    Thanks for all your recommendations, I returned from Portugal a week ago and I am thrilled. I managed to visit all your recommendations in just 3 days, and I still had two days left for exploring the rest of the charms in Portugal ..

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