getting around Malta by bus

Discussion in 'Malta' started by Hkopo09, Mar 3, 2014.

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    Malta's bus system is reliable and cheap for getting around the island fairly easy. Fares for non-residents for unlimited travel on all services cost less than €7, which is why Malta buses are very popular. Remember that at peak season (July/August) many bus services on busy routes will get very crowded. Enjoy Malta
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    Yes local bus system is great..don't bother tour buses because they're a complete rip off (like 20 euros for a ride). You can use public buses all day for less than 3 euros and visit places like St Pauls Bay, Mdina, the Blue Grotto, etc.
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    car rental in Malta

    I suggest renting a car if you plan to explore further around the island. All the road signs are in English and driving is on the left. Major car rental companies are located on Malta and Gozo and charge between €15 ($20) - €27 ($37) a day.

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