Getting around OKC by bus

Discussion in 'Oklahoma' started by walworldII, Apr 3, 2014.

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    if you didn't know Oklahoma City hasn't got any tour buses, though there are city buses. Saying this, public transportation isn't the best in OKC so if you plant to get around by bus to see the sights you will need to keep this in mind. Places I recommend seeing include: the national cowboy hall of fame, the museum and the Science Museum/Omni Theater.
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    Car is really the way to go in OK City but the public transportation is okay too. A single-trip bus fare is about $1.50 but you can get a bus pass for about $15, which can be used on any bus or METRO Lift service.
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    Greyhound bus terminal in Oklahoma City

    I haven't been back to Oklahoma City in a while but I know the city's Union Bus Station close last year, or rather they relocated the bus terminal just east of Bricktown on E Reno, about two miles away from Union Bus Station on W Sheridan.

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