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Discussion in 'Las Vegas Transportation: getting there and around' started by vhwc2009, Jan 3, 2008.

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    I am in the very early stages of planning a trip to Vegas. We have never been there before and it is my husband's dream to go. So I am going to plan a surprise trip for him. Being it is me who will be paying for it, it won't be until summer of next year. Anyway I want to know more about it, before I plan in depth.

    If we just took a taxi from the airport to our hotel, is it possible to not have a car for the stay? I know I read about shuttles and stuff and we are not afraid to walk. Is it safe to walk at night? I definately want to stay on the strip and we won't need to see everything. From what I read is in one hotel/casino, I am not even sure we will need to travel from one place to another very much. maybe for a show or two and at least once to just look at all the different hotels on the strip.

    Anyway the basic question is to rent a car or not to rent a car, but I would like some details as well, if possible. Thank you in advance.
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    If you're plans are to stay on the Las Vegas Strip, then I would decide against renting a car. There are many ways to get around and since you're not afraid of walking, you should be fine. Just be sure to have some comfy shoes! Also, keep in mind that certain times of the year it can get hot so you may want to plan your route where you can take pit stops into air-conditioned casinos. I've walked on the strip at night and found it to be no trouble. Just be sure to take any normal precautions like watching your purse, staying in well lit areas, etc.

    There's always the Las Vegas monorail that can take you from the Sahara down to the MGM with various stops and on the opposite side you've got the TI to Mirage Tram or the Mandalay Bay to Excalibur Tram. If you want to go off the strip may rent a car for a few days, depending on how long you stay but there are definitely other transportation options.

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