getting cheap airfare to Laos

Discussion in 'Laos' started by OldMemphis, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. OldMemphis

    OldMemphis New Member

    I am planning a trip to Laos on a very thin budget this year I need to find the cheapest flight possible. I am looking for some advice from you guys about the best way to go about finding cheap airfare..any tips, suggestions, please feel welcome to share!
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    I sympathise with you! I know that looking for cheap airfare can't be tedious but keep searching online and you'll find the best and cheapest flights a travel agent ever could!

    One tip I can give is to re-consider direct flights versus stop-over ones. Stop-over flights may be cheaper, but you will lose in lack of sleep, comfort and convenience.

    To illustrate my point, consider this...a lot of flights to Asia from Europe come via the Middle East -- particularly Dubai, but in most cases the layover is just an hour or so -- there's nothing wrong with that -- but if you're routing yourself from Sydney to Bangkok via Manila in order to save fifty bucks, I'd say spend the extra money!

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