getting from Cancun to Belize by bus

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    we're planning to visit Belize and it seems that it's cheaper and quicker to fly first to Cancun, then making our way to belize town by only concern is that i've never been to Belize. Is this safe in Belize town? would you take the bus to Belize town? Thanks in advance!
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    I think flying into Belize will be definitely much quicker but it's true you can get from Cancun to Belize by bus but you need to take two buses. The bus ride is cheaper.

    You basically need to get a bus from Cancun to Chetumal which takes 7 hours, and from Chetumal to Belize, which will take a a further 4 hours. The thing about the Chetumal is that buses don't run that often, so you may need to spend the a night there till the next bus.

    Regarding Belize town, it's a rough place, unlike the rest of Belize, so avoid getting there at night and you should be fine.

    By the way, if you intend to return back to Cancun, tell the Mexican immigration officers that you plan to return, so your visa won't get cancelled, otherwise you'll have to pay the fee to return to Cancun Mexico.
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    Many big cities, in general, will offer some risks of a variety of petty crimes, but using safe practices are always your best bet. Do your Belize sightseeing during the day, and if you must be out at night, travel with a group of friends if you can, and certainly, be well aware of your surroundings.

    You can travel by plane or bus from Cancun to Belize. Plane fare varies, of course, but lately, it's been around $250 USD. One of the best options for getting from Cancun to Belize by bus is through the ATS bus company, which are air conditioned and will bring you to the border of Belize. From there, Batty Brothers buses offer a premier service twice daily, once at 10:30 am and once at 1:45 pm.
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