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Discussion in 'Poland' started by janeSaunders, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. janeSaunders

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    im looking for advice on train travel in Poland. has anyone been on a Polish regional train from Gdansk to Poland. can you catch a bus? is it better to catch a flight? any suggestions would be appreciated!
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    lol...Gdansk to Poland? surely you mean Warsaw or Krakow, right? Polish regional trains are cheap but the experience isn't the best and you will be least I was when I used them. They're also slow and sometimes dirty and a trip between Gdansk and Krakow/ or Warsaw will be very long. Trust me, you really want the train ride to be nice so I suggest going with an InterCity or EuroCity train.
  3. janeSaunders

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    hehe, yes I mean Warsaw. Sorry about the typo, I can see how silly it sounds! Thanks for your honesty. I guess I'll look into Intercity/euro city trains..are they much more expensive? otherwise, i may reconsider flying if it'll work out the same...
  4. backat1

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    fast trains vs slow trains in Poland

    The InterCity and EuroCity trains are also much quicker (6 hours to Warsaw) than the interregional ones (TLK trains), though they are more expensive (even than planes believe it or not)

    A train ride on an InterCity train will cost you around 60 euros RT, while on a TLK train you will pay just 30 euros RT. Flying is good option since a typical plane ticket can cost anything from 35 euros to 60 euros but to get it cheap you need to book fly tickets well in advance. Even then, I'd still prefer train travel in get to see nice window train scenery;)

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