getting from St Wolfgang to Berchtesgaden

Discussion in 'Austria' started by reclacem, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. reclacem

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    There are several ways to get from St Wolfgang to Berchtesgaden but driving is the best. If you aren't using a car rental, bus is the best way to get from St Wolfgang to Berchtesgaden. You need to catch the 546 Bus to Strobl and from there catch the 150 bus to Salzburg. From there catch 840 bus all the way to Berchtesgaden. The whole trip will take about 2 hours...
  2. mitraveler

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    Thanks for your advice! It is nice to have that freedom of a car, but it can be stressful to have to drive in a different place that you're not used to. Salzburg is on my list of places that I would really like to go, especially during the holidays.
  3. edi1

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    St Wolfgang is a beautiful town and i would recommend everyone to spend a couple of days there. You can do hiking and take in the breathtaking mountain scenery nearby. Berchtesgaden is nice too but more isolated than St Wolfgang, hence the need for a car.
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    Salzburg is a very nice town but complicated to drive! If you are already in this area you should also try to see more of the Salzkammergut!

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