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    Elvis presided over my wedding...who wouldn't love to say that?! One of my very good friends had an Elvis wedding in Las Vegas, and oh my, it was such a fun experience just to be there! They are just a very exciting couple, and watching their wedding made me want to say my vows with my husband all over again, only with Elvis standing in front of us this time :) If you're thinking of a Las Vegas wedding, I would definitely recommend, at least, considering an Elvis wedding. It'll definitely be an experience of a lifetime, which is what weddings should be, right?

    Most, if not all of the wedding chapels in Vegas offer some type of Elvis style wedding. There's even a chapel devoted entirely to Elvis weddings. Some of the weddings with Elvis as the presiding officiate are the more 'Viva Las Vegas' type, and there are a few, which are a little less traditionally 'Vegas'. One of my favorites is the Blue Hawaii, but I love dressing up like I'm in Hawaii anyway, so I might be biased ;) If you are thinking of the Elvis option for your wedding, you might want to start with one of the chapels devoted to the Elvis experience, like the Graceland Wedding Chapel.
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    Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

    I'm a wedding officiant in Boston and I had the opportunity of touring Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel early this year. I think this one is the friendliest and most accommodating of all chapels offering Elvis style weddings. Also, most Vegas chapels are not inclusive of same-sex couples, while Viva Las Vegas proudly supports Marriage Equality, and for that reason alone they should be applauded!


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