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  1. lalmas23

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    As you may have heard, Vegas is indeed one of the fastest places to get married in the world. You can get married in Vegas in 15 minutes as getting the license takes 10 min. Having said this, unless you know where to go Vegas isn't cheap to tie the knot. Getting married at one of the hotels on The Strip will be pretty expensive so the wedding chapels in Las Vegas will be your best unless you have deep pockets.
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    My tips for anyone getting married in Vegas is to be savvy. If getting married in a hotel, order and pick up the cake yourself and you'll save a small fortune in hotel overpriced cakes. Also, when renting tuxedos, do it from big companies like Men’s Wearhouse as you can pick the suits up anywhere in Vegas.
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    Las Vegas is probably the last place I would have thought to get married but I like the idea of no waiting periods and not having to get this nonsense blood test. For what I gather, you don't even have to be a U.S. citizen to get married in Vegas.

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