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  1. Retorica!

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    I was in Albania just recently and had a fantastic time there..better than I would have hoped for. I spent 2 weeks in Tirana and Durres and did a 2-day trip to Italy. That's right, from Albania (Durres) you can easily get to Italy (Bari). Mind you, it takes about 10 hours by ferry which was great. You can book this in the hotel you stay in Tirana or Durres. Good luck!
  2. wanderer

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    My coworker just returned from a long trip that combined Italy and Albania (and Slovenia too, I think). She had really great things to say about how lovely all the countries were and how easy it was to get around. She spoke pretty highly of the Albania beaches.
  3. Retorica!

    Retorica! New Member

    yep..Albanian beaches are so underrated too. Vlora ,Saranda and Durres have the best beaches. My favotite beach is Golem Beach (in Vlora). The beach is long, sandy with nice small hotels nearby and it's only 40 mins drive from central Tirana.
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    You can fly but it's better getting to Albania from Italy by ferry. The ferries run during the high season from Ancona, Bari and Trieste to Durres (Albania). It's better to book in advance. July and August the ferries are pretty full and no rooms can be available.
  5. PetterErstad

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    Hello guys im a newbie here. I want to visit Albania next time is it hard to get a visa to Albania?
  6. wanderer

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    Hello Petter! We're very glad to have you. Visas depend on where you're starting. In the U.S., you don't even need a visa if you're staying for under 90 days. You can always check with the U.S. state department if you want to learn about how to get to Albania or any other country. You do need a passport, but you shouldn't need a visa. I can't speak for other countries, but you can check with Albania Tourism or the state department in your country.


    Kruja in Albania. Photo: Stefan Kühn.

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