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    there's little known about Bhutan and getting there is half the fun, though it can seem a bit of a hassle. Basically, you have to first fly into Bangkok, Kathmandu or India to get to Bhutan and there is only one airline serving Bhutan, which is Druk Air. Hope that helps someone;)
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    visa to Bhutan

    Getting to Bhutan is sure no easy picnic unless you're Indian who dont require a visa. Everyone else traveling to Bhutan requires a visa. You first have to apply and pay for the visa ($20) in advance and you can only do this from selected travel agents (and not embassies). Your visa will be placed in your passport when you arrive at Immigration control at Paro airport.

    I suggest you plan your travel to Bhutan 4-5 months in advance to allow time for all the formalities to be completed.
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    Druk air is the main the OP said to get into Bhutan you'll have to do it either from Kathmandu, Bangkok, and India (either Bodh Gaya, Delhi and Kolkata)). if you're flying from London, you will need to use British Airways to Delhi, Qatar Airways to Kathmandu or Thai Airways to Bangkok.
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    In the last few decades, Bhutan, one of the least developed countries in the world suddenly and swiftly climbed the ladder of recognition.

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