Getting To Colombia via Costa Rica & Panama

Discussion in 'Nicaragua' started by GereIam, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. GereIam

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    There are couple of ways to get from Nicaragua to Colombia. One is flying and the other is by bus via Costa Rica and Panama. Which way is better really depends on your budget and timing. You can catch a flight through Avianca or COPA airlines from Managua to Colombia for about $400 non-stop. The bus option would be on the Tica bus which is much cheaper (around $80) but then you have to deal with the "border formalities" headaches at Costa Rica and Panama.
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    The best way to do it is to fly from San Jose Costa Rica to Panama City (this will save at least 2 days) and then form there take the international bus (ticabus) to Bogota. The flight from San Jose (SJO) to Panama City shouldn't cost more than $100 through Copa Air.
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    You can get a one-way fare from San Jose to Bogota for about $400 with either CopaAir or Spirit Airlines depending when you travel. August is a good month for booking cheaper airfare. Either way, San Jose to Bogota isn't direct. There'll be a a stop in the US (usually Miami or Fort Lauderdale). That seems a lot cheaper and a lot less hassle. You may even find even better fares so look around;)

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