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Discussion in 'Switzerland' started by nomatternomadic, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. nomatternomadic

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    I'll be arriving in Zurich and I wanted to know if taxis are very expensive to use to get to the city center? Once in the city, what are the popular ways of getting around in Zurich?
  2. Ruby

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    Zurich airport is 8 miles north of the city center and the best way to get from Zurich airport to the city is by train because they run so often (trains leave every 15 minutes). There are also taxis (pricey) that you can use, but booking a hotel that offers a bus shuttle service is another way to save up a bit of money.

    Once im the city, getting around Zurich is bliss!. If you are not walking you can use efficient buses, trams, boats and the funicular railway. Do purchase the Zurichcard pass as it'll give you access to city's transportation system plus admission to over 40 museums.

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