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Discussion in 'Monaco' started by cleana-clena, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. cleana-clena

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    while in Monaco we want to visit Nice on a day trip and we thought about the Heli Air Monaco. however, after looking at the prices (222 Euros) it looks like the helicopter is way too expensive. Can you give us other cheaper options on how to get to Nice? Also, how long does it take?
  2. Xena-6778

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    there are several options aside from the helicopter. Express bus, train, car rental and taxi. The express bus is the cheapest option costing around 20 euros (it will get you from Monaco direct to Nice). The taxi and car rental is quite convenient, though it'll cost you around 90 and 50 euros respectively. The train is second quickest way to get to Nice, after the helicopter, and will cost around 160 euros round trip. Personally, I'd go with the car rental option because the scenery is so beautiful and you will be able to stop along the way to soak it all in.
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    Monaco to Nice by train

    I don't know who can afford the yacht or helicopter these days..they're so expensive. I'd go with the train personally if you want to be comfortable and be in Nice in less than 20 minutes (on the high speed TGV train which goes direct). The only thing though about the TGV is that you need a mandatory reservation. If that is an issue, best you hop on the Cote d'Azur commuter train (it's not as nice but it costs just a few euros).
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    take the bus to Nice

    the heli-ride isn't worth in my you take the only takes about 30 minutes max so it's not very long at all and the ride isn't too bad. If I remember well, the bus ride cost 7 euros, though that was a while back. Oh, the bus runs every 20 mins Monday to Sunday and leaves from Nice Gare Routier (bus station) from 6.00am until 8.00pm.

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