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  1. Delight6-0

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    is St Kitts & Nevis convenient places to get to by plane? Do the airports have good connections internationally and domestically? Also, is there a particular time when I can find cheap flights St Kitts?
  2. Danny

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    St Kitts is the larger and more built-up of the two islands boasting its own international airport - the Robert L Bradshaw International Airport. Nevis is most popularly reached by ferry, though flights to Nevis are also available if you prefer to travel by air.

    You can easily and conveniently book flights from the US, and you can either fly directly from an American airport, or take a flight to numerous destinations on one of the surrounding Caribbean islands, from which they can catch a connection to St Kitts.

    If you're looking for cheap flights St Kitts, you should make sure that you book your tickets in advance, especially during St Kitts Carnival.

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