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  1. passicev

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    what airlines service the islands? anything else we should know before going there?
  2. Danny

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    The Falkland Islands aren't service by any commercial airlines, but rather by the UK government. Flights are serviced by the RAF Airbridge departing in the UK and arriveing at Mount Pleasant Airport.

    You can get a LAN Chile connection from Santiago, though if you book through your tour operator and travel agent, they will make the necessary arrangements if the trip is booked through them.

    If yolu want to do it independently, you need to contact a travel coordinator at the Falkland Islands Government Office.

    Btw, you'll need a passport, visa and a proof of a round ticket. Also, there is a departure tax that you have to pay of £20
  3. Amydiaz11

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    You can find many travel agents who help you book tickets and book accommodation if you need. There is nothing to be worried about. The main airport is situated near to Mount Pleasant Military Complex and you can reach there from Stanley.
  4. wanderer

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    I saw a story about the Falkland Islands on the Today Show. They mentioned that it does take a really long time to get there, but it's not that hard. This isn't a fancy resort destination, but you should be comfortable once you arrive.

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