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Discussion in 'California' started by Vee, May 6, 2012.

  1. Vee

    Vee New Member

    For first time travelers who want to visit San Francisco for the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge, where is the bridge actually located?
  2. safeste89

    safeste89 New Member

    take the bus to the Golden Gate Bridge

    The Golden Gate Bridge is located in San Francisco and the best way to get there is by taking public transit because parking is very limited. Also, the south end of the Bridge is the best section of the bridge because it offers many photo opportunities and restrooms for visitors.

    Just head to the corner of Polk & McAllister (across from City Hall), and jump on the 70, 80 or 101 number buses to the Bridge.
  3. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    If you wanted to drive (knowing that you probably won't find a place to park), it's Highway 101/California 1. Cars and other vehicles do have to pay a toll--it's $6 cash for cars, or $5 with the pass.
  4. gerryw80

    gerryw80 New Member

    There are 5 airports near Golden Gate Bridge:
    San Francisco airport = 49mins
    Oakland airport = 1hr 8mins
    San Jose airport = 1hr 48mins
    Sacramento airport = 3hrs 15mins
    Fresno airport = 4hrs 58mins
  5. michael_23

    michael_23 New Member

    Hi Vee,

    I hope my reply is not too late but anyway, this will be helpful as well for future travellers. Some say that the best way to go to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge is through public transportation due to very limited parking spaces though when we were there few years ago, we used private cars since we have relatives there.

    Anyway, as a first time traveller, this will give you many options on how to reach the Golden Gate Bridge either through the North End or South End. Check out this site -

    You can also call 511 to ask for an assistance regarding your trip.

    Moreover, you can read more about the Tour Buses section indicated in here. I believe that's the best way for you. At least, you can also design your own itinerary.

    Have fun!
  6. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Thanks for sharing your great advice. It sounds like you really know your stuff, Michael. :)
  7. michael_23

    michael_23 New Member

    Thanks wanderer!

    I really love travelling and it's nice to share my experiences as well as help out others.

    I'm also looking forward to see the other places I've never been to. :)
  8. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Awesome. I love that we have a place to go to talk travel. Where would you like to go that you haven't been yet? I'm really hot on visiting Prague or Italy and haven't had a chance to go. Then there's Scotland. So many choices, so little time and money. ;)
  9. josephhinds

    josephhinds New Member

    I think San Francisco is the heaven on the earth and I will definitely visit San Francisco for 76th anniversary of Golden Gate Bridge.
  10. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Very nice @josephhinds. The bridge will be there next year and will look quite fantastic for a bridge of a certain age. ;) For those of you who haven't had a chance to see the bridge up close, check out the the full-screen virtual tour.
  11. Vee

    Vee New Member

    Thanks for the info, Michael. I'm all about taking the easiest form of transportation to get around or better yet, signing up for a group tour and leaving the driving to someone else.
  12. michael_23

    michael_23 New Member

    Hey wanderer,

    Yeah, I agree. I plan of visiting Europe especially Italy, England, Paris, Milan, Rome... hmmm, if possible, the whole of Europe. Oh, and Australia, too. :)
  13. michael_23

    michael_23 New Member

    Oh by the way, Vee, I'm glad to be of help.

    Have fun and enjoy!
  14. robpetrie

    robpetrie New Member

    How far away is The Golden Gate Bridge from Monterey? Will we have to get a hotel in SF or is it possible to do a day trip as an extension of a trip we already have planned?
  15. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    It's about a two-hour trip north from Monterey, so it's do-able in a day, but it will be a long day. But you could have a good six or eight hours to explore to see the bridge and some of the highlights nearby like PIER 39 (and the sea lions) or the cruises to Alcatraz, before you head back down the coast.

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