Getting to Vegas from LA

Discussion in 'Las Vegas Trip Reports' started by 87juno, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. 87juno

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    There are several ways to do this trip but flying is for me the best. Los Angeles (LAX) to LAS (Las Vegas) is a one hour flight and fares start at around $70 with either Southwest Airlines or JetBlue. If you want to enjoy the scenery, then driving or taking the shuttle is another option. The shuttle costs around $90 one way.
  2. Qatuo98j

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    Driving is another option and though it takes about 4 hours, I suggest it because part of the journey will follow the path of historic Route 66 and Mojave Desert. You'll be traveling on some two-lane highways, though I-15 will take you straight to Las Vegas.
  3. juriPO

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    GotoBus, Greyhound and Megabus all offer bus services between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Megabus does offer the odd $1 discount, but pretty all three offer similar pricing. By the way, Amtrak also runs a bus from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.
  4. Benston

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    I traveled by car to Las Vegas and I certainly recommend this form of transport, because it includes passing the famous Route 66 road. The advantage of this type of traveling is that you can see a lot of destinations and see a lot more than when you are traveling by plane.
  5. Selena Rankins

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    Drive if you can, otherwise you can travel via bus too, it is not that uncomfortable when traveling by bus as most people think it is.

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