Gifford's Ice Cream

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    Gifford's Ice Cream is family owned and has operated for over 5 generations, and is proud to offer over 65 flavors of ice cream at stands in Skowhegan, Farmington, Bangor, and Waterville Maine. Plus hundreds of other family run ice cream stands across the great state of Maine. Just look for the Gifford's Cone Sign and enjoy their ice cream. Ice cream is not just business in Maine, it's their passion.
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    Yes I agree that Giffords ice cream is fresh and really mouth watering with plenty of flavors to choose from. One of my friends was telling me that his son enjoyed the ice cream when they were there. He said they use only finest ingredients such as nuts, berries, fresh fruits and premium chocolate and natural syrups to deliver tasteful and quality ice creams. I am an ice cream lover and when my friend told about this, I really felt like going to Maine for the sake of tasting Gifford’s Ice Cream.
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    i'll definitely taste it

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