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Discussion in 'Aruba' started by felix, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. felix

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    After years of visiting Aruba, we now found a complete new and great activity: we did a workshop glass bead making: melting hot glass behind a torch... .really great! The location (a small glass studio behind an old aruban style house) and the activity were really terific, we went home with something beautifull made by ourselves.... my wife is an art lover, but i am not at all, but this is really a good experience, fun too.
    check there website, surf for arubaglassceramics.
  2. Andrew

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    Hi felix, In addition to glass bead making, Aruba offers a wide range of creative workshops including Mosaic Panel Workshop, jewelery making workshop, Kite making workshops and Aruban food workshops etc., Few years back, my kids got an opportunity to take part in Aruba jewelery making workshop in Oranjestad, really they liked it and learnt about how to make their own jewelry. Materials were given by the people who arranged the jewelery making workshop and my kids made some bracelet with variety of beads, it looks so nice even now. We back home with a gorgeous self-made piece of jewelry.

    Apart from the workshops, Aruba has many thins to do including cave exploration, watersports, birdwatching and swimming in Palm beach. With so many wonderful attractions & activities, Aruba is an adventurous destination for having a perfect vacation! One of the popular things to do in Aruba is exploring Aruba by Jeep and we have visited the most popular spots including Natural Bridge, California Lighthouse, Alto Vista Chapel, Seroe Crystal, Bushiribana gold mill ruins and Guadirikiri Caves.

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