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Discussion in 'Wisconsin' started by vdg23, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. vdg23

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    My daughter is coming to Dells with 3 children, so need info on good place for Go Karts at Dells? is there an age restriction to drive? Children are 15,12 and 8. Thanks!
  2. Andrew

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    Finally our first trip to Wisconsin was happened in early August 2007 and it was absolutely a nice experience. My 2 brothers really wanted to visit Mt Olympus Wisconsin Dells as it offers so many things to do. It's the biggest water and theme park in Wisconsin Dells, so your grand children will surely enjoy all the activities in addition to go Kart.

    Mt Olympus has a roller coasters at the outdoor theme park which is called as Zeus Playground, so ask your daughter to start off the day with roller coaster. Then experience one of the 9 go-kart tracks, Mt Olympus has 9 go-kart tracks including Titan's Tower, Poseidon Underwater Go-Kart Track, Hermes' Turbo Track, Trojan Horse and Helios Track. We tried the Trojan horse because we heard before from my friend that it was the best, so we went on it, really tall and brought us around and around. The karts didn't go fast so it is not dangerous at all for children. As far as we experienced, Mt Olympus is the best&safe place in Wisconsin to go for go-kart ride.

    After we had fun at Neptune’s Outdoor Water park and Parthenon. Parthenon is a must go park for everyone who brings children to Mt Olympus Wisconsin Dells, so tell your daughter to spend more time here. It's an indoor theme park and has many interesting activities.

    Mt Olympus is a 150 acres of theme park and offers several excellent choices for everyone including 37 water slides, 9 go-kart tracks, 7 roller coasters, 15 kiddie rides,mini golf, a wave pool, 2 endless rivers, food areas and shops…what more your daughter and grand children need? so never miss this park, for more details call them on 1-608-254-2490. Hope your daughter's family will enjoy the giant theme park at Wisconsin Dells.
  3. supha

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    hello vdg23, "extremeworld" is also one of the best options to go for Go-Karts. They have SuperSpeedway track of 1/4 a mile length. Tere is no age restriction to drive, only thing is the riders must be 56" tall and can be able to reach the pedals comfortably. I think 3 of them can go, best wishes for kids!

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