Going from Asuncion to Montevideo

Discussion in 'Paraguay' started by boingboing, May 24, 2011.

  1. boingboing

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    Hi Everyone,

    I was planning to go over road from Asunción to Monte Video in Uruguay, and instead of doing the entire trip in one bus ride, I thought about breaking it up and visiting other places like Iguassu Falls and Buenos Aires. Any suggestions?
  2. Danny

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    Breaking up the journey sounds like a good idea, though you can see most of central Asuncion in a day or two, but do use Encarnacion as a base to visit the nearby Jesuit ruins which only takes half a day if you hire a taxi. The mission ruins at Trinidad are quite interesting, those at Jesus smaller and less interesting.

    By the way, just to give the heads up...bus journeys in Paraguay are long and frustratingly slow, and the countryside is quite memorable but after a few days traversing the country it'll get rather boring.

    Therefore, don't be disappointed as Paraguay is not a terribly exciting destination, but interesting and cheap enough if you have a few days to spare in your schedule.

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