going to Algarve in high season

Discussion in 'Portugal' started by BeltionEnzo, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. BeltionEnzo

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    Going to Portugal this summer and we plan to explore the Algarve region, though we'd like to spend 3 nights in Lisbon, then rent a car from there and head down the coast to the Algarve to places like Leira,Tomar, Evora. any thoughts and suggestions?
  2. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    The summer high season is one of the worst times to visit Portugal, especially the Algarve which will be packed with tourists. Either way, Im sure you already know this, so some suggestions will be:

    Taking a trip to Porto for two days, as it's only 4 hours by train from Lisbon. If your into historic towns, you'll enjoy visiting the towns of Marvao, Obidos, Elvas, Beja, Evora, Villa Vicosa and Estremoz.

    Also, if heat is a real problem look at the towns along the coast north of Lisbon and plan a few days in hotels with pools and air conditioning. Good luck
  3. AgnesRiley

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    If you'll be in Evora, then I agree that Estremoz and Evoramonte, which are nearby, are great places to visit. However, keep in mind that the Alentejo is the hottest, driest part of Portugal during the summer months, with temperatures often reach over 40ºC, so if you think the heat will be hard to bear, it's probably best to stick to an itinerary closer to the coast. The Alentejo coast is beautiful and has some great spots, like Porto Côvo. In the Algarve, I find some of the most charming towns are Sagres, Tavira and Pedras del Rei. While you're in the Lisbon area, I'd also take the opportunity to visit Sintra, which looks like a fairy-tale village with beautiful palaces and mysterious forests.
  4. Loogle

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    visit Algarve in May/June instead

    high season in the Algarve is as manic as the rest of Spain...if you go in July and August you can expect super crowds and everything to be super expensive like car rental, hotels, etc. I like the your idea of staying in Lisbon for a few days then drive down the coast. The only thing is that the roads will be congested and wont really enjoy it as much...
  5. AgnesRiley

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    The highway will only be congested in areas around some of the main cities in Algarve, other than that it's smooth sailing till Lisbon. And if there is ever a month to drive in Lisbon, it's August. Most locals are on holidays, there's hardly anyone on the road or even using public transportation. It's a great time to visit the city.

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