going to australia for 6 weeks

Discussion in 'Australia' started by donOmarS, Apr 19, 2011.

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    Hi there guys,

    My girlfriend and i are off to australia for 6 weeks in about a month for the first time,we are english and live in manchester uk,just wondering if anyone has some good tips on what to pack, must do things to do, and places to stay away from.

    By the way, we land in coolangatta and plan to rent a van and drive down to sydney spending most of our time along the east coast and maybe nipping to taz. any help would be great thanks j :)
  2. Jenna

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    Spring/Summer time is a good time to be in Australia since it'll be low season over there and weather won't be so hot.

    Clothing-wise, pack clothes that would be easy washing & drying, and also light clothes, but some long-sleeves to cover you from the sun.

    What to stay away from? Well, it depends. If you're plan a trip in the outback you'll need to watch out for drop bears, spiders, and that kind of stuff. On the beach, swim between the flags and watch for the possibilty of jellyfish or stingers when diving.

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