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Discussion in 'Tunisia' started by willsmith, May 23, 2011.

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    I'm going to Djerba la Douce with my family for the first 2 weeks of july. Has anybody been there recently?
    I was wondering if anyone could tell me about what it's been like this season e.g. G.O.s, activities, food, crazy signs!?!? etc so I can know what to look forward to!

    Also is anyone going to be there at the same time?
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    I am fairly familiar with Club Med La Douce having spent a few holidays in Djerba. With Stephan Noublanche you'll have an excellent and experienced CDV, and as far as I understand, he's bringing quite some GOs from his previous village (El Gouna) along.

    Lots of activities there as well. Sailing and tennis are great. Fitness depending on the GO, also.
    Do not expect too much of the food. Fruit and cheeses are usually a bit poor and they don't know how to cook veggies.

    As for the crazy signs, well, we always had plentiful, new ones and the real classics. Really depends a bit on the CDV. Just go and see him, in case you should have a special request.

    Have a great holiday and please do report back once home again. Thanks.

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