going to Kenya in early May

Discussion in 'Kenya' started by suppacaffeine, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. suppacaffeine

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    Hi we are thinking of going to Kenya in early May this year for a beach holiday. I see that this is the rainy season but how bad does it get really? Does it rain hard for a short period and dry up quickly or is it dull and rains all day
  2. Jenna

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    I've been in Kenya many times during the rainy season and I can tell you that it isn't bad. Most of the time you will get lots of rain but only for short periods at the time, then lots of sun.

    Not sure where in Kenya you're staying but in Mombasa during the rainy season you only seem to get the odd short shower just enough time to pop indoors for a cold beer and finding it dry when I get outside again.

    Either way, don't be put off by the the rainy season since it's a great time to enjoy a trip to Kenya since you'll find the cheapest rates this time of year.

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