Going to Majorca 6th Nov. Best resort?

Discussion in 'Spain' started by 23st6, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. 23st6

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    Me and a few friends are going to majorca 6th Nov, we booked the air ticks already and are struggling with the resorts, its a bit confusing! We are around 20 yrs old, and we'd like to stay somewhere mid priced, clean and contemporary. would b nice w. heated pool!

    also a bit worried about the weather during april. we want sunshine n HOT! does it rain a lot?
  2. Ruby

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    Think you will be disappointed with the weather in Majorca.... I've been at that time for the last 2 years and it's been very mixed and with some heavy rain showers. It should be nice and warm, with some hot days, but mostly like a day in early summer in England. It will get cooler at night, and there could be some heavy showers.

    As for places to stay, I think you should look at Magalluf and Palma Nova, though if you don't want a long transfer from the airport, the nearest place to the airport is C'an Pastilla but the only thing is that there won't be as many of your age group there.

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