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    where is the best place to find hotels, shops and sightseeing opportunities? I understand PR is a beautiful place but would like to stay somewhere touristy...any ideals welcome!
  2. Ruby

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    Historic Old San Juan is for me one of the best places in Puerto Rico and you'll find here a number of shops, hotels and fine restaurants.

    The Isla Verde part of Old San Juan caters to younger, more hip tourists, while Condado is more for tourists who want something luxurious, but mainstream with plenty of access to the beach.

    There is also a lot of sightseeing and day trips opportunities in Old San Juan. You can see the forts, the city walls and the Fortaleza Mansion.

    For day trips from Old San Juan, consider taking a snorkeling trip in El Caribe National Park and a visit to Arecibo, which is home to the world's largest radio-telescope and the SETI project.
  3. Top tourist areas in San Juan are: Isla Verde, Condado and Old San Juan, there are plenty of hotels and shops in all of these areas. They are only about 10 to 15 min. apart. The only distinct difference is that Old San Juan has no hotels on the beach. The best beach in the San Juan area is in Isla Verde, so if the beach is important to you, I recommend staying there. You can stay in Isla Verde and tour Old San Juan or enjoy Condado....they are close to each other.

    Also do El Yunque National Forest and Bio bay tour in Fajardo.
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    What do you mean by touristy? If you are thinking about beaches, then Vieques would be a good place to visit. The Corcho is something that you definitely must see.
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    Puerto Rico has a lot of great sights. In terms of "touristy" most travelers coming to Puerto Rico stay in the San Juan region. Isla Verde, Condado Beach and Old San Juan being the main three. Condado Beach and Isla Verde boasts most of Puerto Rico's main hotels.

    Must-sees when coming to the island though are El Yunque Rainforest, which is approximately 40 miles from San Juan to the east (many tour operators will offer tours from San Juan)

    Also becoming more popular among tourists recently is Vieques, an island off the shores of Puerto Rico (but still considered P.R.). It's extremely beautiful and less "touched."

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