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Discussion in 'UK' started by DonaWeko, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. DonaWeko

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    hello, we'll be visiting London for 15 days only, and we plan to visit Scotland for at least two days..I understand going to Scotland by train is possible from London? is this so?
  2. Danny

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    Yes, train travel in the UK is great and reliable. Glasgow and Edinburgh are both served by frequent direct train services from London, and are easily reached from other main English towns and cities, though you may have to change trains en route.

    You can catch the East Coast or Virgin train from London King's Cross to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen or Inverness.

    It's a fairly short train ride from London to Scotland taking as much as 5 hours to Edinburgh and Glasgow on a direct train.
  3. julietita

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    Do you have any guide to Scotland? I'm interested in this train trip... I'd be doing Paris-London London-Edinburgh, then to move... But wanna know places to go and visit...

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    last year we experienced the train travel to scotland...train travel to scotland is an adventurous trip or wonderful journey...just try it...you are feeling good to enjoy this..in other hand its also not so expensive...so good to travel by train to scotland....
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  7. fcAnnie

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    Hi DonaWeko,

    There are a number of long-distance direct services to Scotland that begin from outside London: Virgin runs services from Birmingham to Edinburgh while the CrossCountry service links Cardiff, Paignton, Penzance, Bournemouth and Brighton with Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen via Birmingham.

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