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Discussion in 'Sri Lanka' started by QW.GH, May 3, 2011.

  1. QW.GH

    QW.GH New Member

    hiya, were going to sri lanka in july... has any one been that time of the year?Also does any one know how cheap is to eat in sri lanka?
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    I went for 2 weeks to Kalutara Sri Lanka with my other half in early August last year, and the weather wasn't too bad.

    I don't think it will be that different from July to August so, you can expect a few heavy showers, pleasant temperatures during the day and cool nights.

    We didn't go with an all inclusive hotel and found most things pretty cheap. We we ate for around $5 for two of us, including drinks. Other bargains were clothes and jewellery so if you love shopping bring empty suitcases!
  3. cfh

    cfh New Member

    This is the best time to visit sri lanka.last month i had been there with my friends.
  4. vortiz

    vortiz New Member

    We are planning a holiday in early September to Sri Lanka. Is that the monsoon season? does anyone know of any spots near a beach and not too far from the airport?
  5. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    Yes, the monsoon season is slowly ending by September. As far as beach spots near the airport, Sri Lanka beaches in the south coast and southwest coast are very popular, particularly Bentota Beach which is a thriving tourist resort with many hotels.

    Negombo is another popular area with lovely beaches and natural scenery so, if you're into wildlife viewing and pristine beaches, Negombo is the spot for you! Negombo is also close to the airport, and boasts plenty of hotels.
  6. jeffrie

    jeffrie New Member

    not safe to go to north east of sri lanka

    hey vortiz..I was in Sri Lanka early this May and experienced no problems at all. In fact, I was always greeted warmly and treated well by the locals. however, do avoid the North East of Sri Lanka where current conflict is if you really want to visit Sri Lanka.

    If you stick to touristy areas, Sri Lanka is a summer island paradise with cheap food and sandy beaches, and a place you'll want to go back again.
  7. looproadA4

    looproadA4 New Member

    sri lanka is a lovely place

    I've been to sri lanka several times and you need to be aware that Sri Lanka is a 3rd world country so expect a lot of poverty. However, every sri lankan I met was the most helpful nicest people I have come across,and we have traveled all over the world. In fact, I have found more rudeness in 5 star accommodation in London, which I will say cost 5 times as much.

    I was invited many times into their homes for dinner, ginger tea...and their hospitality and humility was touching.
  8. Vikramkhanna

    Vikramkhanna New Member

    Sri Lanka no doubt is a very beautiful place. I happen to visit Sri Lanka in the month of July last year, the weather was very beautiful. Sri Lanka boasts a fascinatingly idiosyncratic culinary heritage, the result of a unique fusion of local produce with recipes and spices brought to the island over the centuries by Indians, Arabs, Malays, Portuguese, Dutch and English. The cost generally varies from about $5-$7 or $15.

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