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    If you are planning on a trip to the Caribbean for the first time, here is some info on places to snorkel and when to go. If you like snorkeling, the three best places to snorkel in the Caribbean are Bonaire, Roatan Honduras and Belize, though there are many more places like Turks and Caicos and Virgin Gorda. As far as what time of year to go, it depends what Caribbean island but you'll find normally the lowest room rates & fewer tourists in late Spring and Fall (except Thanksgiving).
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    when I first decided to go to the Caribbean my toughest choice was picking the location. What helped me pick the right location was figuring out what I wanted from the vacation. For instance, if you don't like crowds you don't really wanna go in the high season, and especially not during spring break. Are you looking for the perfect beach? Do you want to dive/ snorkel? Want an all-inclusive? These are some questions to ask yourself..hope that helps
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    All-inclusive advice

    if you are looking for all inclusive stays, your best and pretty much only options are Jamaica and Dominican Republic. Besides those places, the rest of Caribbean islands don't really have great All-inclusive choices. Barbados, Aruba, and Curacao do not have many All-inclusive options and they ones they do have are really expensive.

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