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Discussion in 'South Carolina' started by SittingINN, Feb 16, 2010.

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    we're traveling to the Spoleto festival this July and I wanted to ask if anyone has been to the Spoleto Festival before and where exactly is it held?

    What kind of event is it and what can i expect to find there? thanks for any input guys
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    hi there,

    The Spoleto Festival actually starts in late May for around two weeks. The Spoleto Festival features opera, classical music performances, theatre performances and jazz performances. In fact, many of the best talents in the arts in the United States have made appearances at the Spoleto Festival Charleston, including famous string player Yo-Yo Ma.

    Regarding the location, the Spoleto Festival USA is held at various locations including downtown parks, the Charleston Performing Arts Center, and a host of small theatres and music halls throughout the area.

    Tickets can be purchased directly through the Spoleto Festival website for all of the Spoleto Festival performances.

    Hope this helps

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