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Discussion in 'Vietnam' started by joseluis, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. joseluis

    joseluis New Member

    I've never been to Vietnam but we'd love to go..Is it good place to travel to? what is to do there?
  2. Danny

    Danny Moderator

    Vietnam is a beautiful country with very friendly people, that's how I remembered it! Also, iIt is pretty cheap so, if you love shopping, you'll love Vietnam!

    I recommend going to Ho Chi Minh City because of the tourist infrastructure. You'll find most of tourists here, plus the general vibe is quite amazing.

    If you need to leave the crowds behind, you can take a tour of the Mekong River to immerse yourself in peace and tranquillity. I loved it!
  3. vietnamtour

    vietnamtour New Member

    Vietnam travel is wonderful. I's say that you should visit Halong bay and Sapa in the North of Vietnam. I've been to Halong so many times and I am still keep discovering the new things each time.
  4. vietnamstyle68

    vietnamstyle68 New Member

    Vietnam is a beautiful country. I love Vietnam!
  5. cakess

    cakess New Member

    huge expat community in Vietnam

    Vietnam isn't just a good place to travel but also one of the most touristy spots in Asia....I dont how you wont have a good time in Vietnam...if you're worried about language problems you won't find this an issue since English is so widely spoken (huge expat community there)...just keep an open mind and enjoy the experience.

  6. melliset

    melliset New Member

  7. myas

    myas New Member

    How about HN? Have you ever visited this city? Could you tell me about shops, restaurant and some special places to go here?
  8. PatricStrow

    PatricStrow New Member

    I traveled through Vietnam from North to South. There are several Vietnam cities I can recommend to visit: Ho Chi Minh city on South, Danang and Hue in the center Vietnam and Dalat. Traveling to Hanoe the capital of Vietnam can be just a waste of time if you are not communism history lover :)
  9. Sviet

    Sviet New Member

    If you want to know more about the culture of Viet Nam , you should enjoy the village trip . Stay in the traditional house, enjoy the Vietnamese cuisine!
  10. minhcl

    minhcl New Member

    HaNoi is great city. On this season you the weather is cool litter bit rain, you will see the culture of VietNam from HaNoi. Shop is easy, there are many big branch and five start hotels here. Just inbox me if you want more information about HaNoi
  11. StephanieGodfrey

    StephanieGodfrey New Member

    Hanoi is a charming city, I stay near the Old Quarter for 4 days, the price was quite high, people need improve English/foreign language skill
  12. chrisphh

    chrisphh New Member

    Vietnam is wonderful and peacful country to visit. If you wanna travel Northen to Southern of Vietnam, you should travel Hanoi-Halong-Sapa-Hoian-Hue-Danang-HCMC-Phu Quoc-Mekong Delta. These places are must-travel in Vietnam.
  13. CarolineLBuford

    CarolineLBuford New Member

    Humans Vietnam are friendly and hospitable, but in rural areas but the awareness is low. If you choose to travel here I recommend to Ho Chi Minh city, the Mekong delta and Danang (Hue, Hoi An)
  14. chrisphh

    chrisphh New Member

    How long do you spend in Vietnam? If you have more than 2 weeks to visit, you should book tour to travel from the north to the south of Vietnam. You can refer the itinerary: Hanoi city tour – Halong Bay – Hoi An – Nha Trang – Ho Chi Minh – Ben Tre – Mui Ne – Ho Chi Minh (Check out: Vietnam Tour Booking)
  15. Azure Swift

    Azure Swift New Member

    If you love relaxing in big cities, you can choose Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Hue, Hoian. For loving discovering natural places with pristine and wonderful beaches and landscapes, Phu Quoc island, Halong Bay, Nam Du archipelago, Con Dao island, Sapa are good choices. Get information from Vietnam Package Travel to find more destinations if you want to refer.
  16. brayden lyle

    brayden lyle New Member

    More than 2 weeks are enough for you to discover various places in Vietnam. You can go to visit Ho Chi Minh - Mekong Delta - Hue - Da Nang - Hoi An - Hanoi - Halong - Hanoi - Sapa

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