Golf in Antigua

Discussion in 'Antigua and Barbuda' started by mitraveler, Sep 3, 2012.

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    Just curious...are there golf courses in Antigua? If so, what are they like? I'm guessing there might be one or two at the resorts. Have you had the chance to play golf while visiting Antigua? Is golf included on the list of things to do?
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    Golf courses in Antigua

    I could be wrong but I think there's two or three golf courses at the island last I checked. Two of them are a short drive from the Sandals resort. They are the Cedar Valley Golf Club and the golf course at Jolly Harbour resort. Green fees, I think is about £35 for 9 holes and $58 for 18 holes.
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    staying at the Jolly Harbour resort ?

    if you stay at the Jolly Harbour resort for golfing you need to be aware that the resort is somewhat remote. I would suggest renting a car to get about and really see the island at your own pace, or you could also use the resort's own shuttle service. Either way, be sure to check out Half Moon Bay, Shirley Heights, Nelson's Dockyard and Cathedral in St. John's.

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