good idea renting car in Europe?

Discussion in 'UK' started by holiday3789, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. holiday3789

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    I am going to Europe on a business trip (the UK and Sweden) and I am wondering whether is a good idea renting a car in Europe generally? Do i boom from airport or local companies in town?
  2. Danny

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    Not sure whether I can say that it's a good idea renting a car in Europe, as they drive on the wrong side of the road, though Sweden drives on the left so, car rental in Sweden might okay over there.

    Also, most European cars are stick shift not automatic so that's another pro.

    For instance, in the UK cars are right hand drive, gear lever is on your left and the drive on the right too. Also, the UK has many round-abouts where many people that aren't used to them have an accident. Btw, Im not trying to put you off, just inform you!

    I think you'll be better off using Europe's public transportation like buses, underground to get around. I think it'll work out cheaper too:)
  3. Elina

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    I think that it's better to go by public means of transport..they are usually cheaper.. but if you want to go by a rental car, try Avis or Hertz.
  4. BlackEyes

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    Well most cities do have car rental companies that allow you to take their cars across Europe. You do need to have the necessary papers for this one though and you need to have knowledge of left hand drive.

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